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Honey Spice Wall End Open Shelf

A home for all your kitchen essentials; the Honey Spice Wall End Open Shelf makes efficient use of your wall space. Designed in both right and left alignment, this open shelf is available in two different heights of 30 and 39 inches. While the 30 inches shelf has two racks, the 39 inches shelf comes with three racks. The high-quality wood used for constructing the shelf ensures that it lasts for a lifetime.

The Honey Spice Wall End Open Shelf is a multi-functional unit and can be used to store your kitchen essentials and also to display décor items. Easy to clean and maintain this open shelf is sure to be a valuable addition for your kitchen.


  • Height: 30” height with 2 shelves/ 39” height with 3 shelves
  • Width: 6”, 9”, 12”.
  • Left and right orientation
  • Available in various finishes.
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