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Honey Spice Pantry Cabinet with Two Doors

A tall structure with a polished and clean look; that is what the Honey Spice Pantry Cabinet stands for. This cabinet comes with five shelves – two on top and three on the bottom – that provide enough space to store your utensils, containers and other kitchen supplies. The interior of the cabinet is finished with natural wood veneer and thus does not get cracked or split easily. The cabinet has two doors that are fixed to the structure using metal hinges. The doors are fully overlaid and have a ¾” thick solid wood as the frame. The doors also have a center panel that adds to its beauty.

Available in various finishes, the Honey Spice Pantry Cabinet goes well with all types of décor – whether modern or contemporary. The cabinet is available in two heights of 84 and 93 inches. Thus, you can select the one that best meets your requirement.