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Honey Spice Base Spice Rack

Store your spice containers in a neat and compact manner with the Honey Spice Base Spice Rack. This pull-out spice rack comes with three shelves for storing medium sized spice containers. With a standard height of 34.5 inches, the spice rack is 9 inches wide and can accommodate 6-7 small spice containers in one shelf. The drawer of the spice rack is made of 5/8-inch-thick plywood that protects it from warping and cracking. The drawer is attached to the rack using the soft closing mechanism which ensures smooth operation.

Tall and sleek in design, the Honey Spice Base Spice Rack would be the right choice for a modern kitchen. Whether you are renovating the kitchen in a modern or contemporary style, this spice rack is sure to blend in well. Make the Honey Spice Base Spice Rack a part of your kitchen design and give a new dimension to your kitchen.