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Honey Spice Base Cabinet 33-36

If you are looking for large sized base cabinets for your kitchen, then the Honey spice base cabinet would be the right option. This cabinet is available in 33 and 36 inches wide and stands at a height of 34.5 inches. The cabinet comes with a single shelf and thus it provides ample storage space for your utensils and other kitchen items. The cabinet has a drawer on top that is just right to store your cutlery and other small items. The doors of the cabinet are attached to the body using the soft closing mechanism which ensures smooth operation.

Whatever the type of décor you follow for your home; the Honey spice base cabinet is sure to go well with it. The bright and natural look of the cabinet provides an eco-friendly look to your kitchen. If you want to go all environment-friendly in your interior decor, then the Honey Spice base cabinet would be the right option.

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