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Cherry Shaker Wall Microwave Cabinet

Now you no longer have to worry about space for your microwave as the Cherry Shaker wall microwave cabinet is spacious enough to hold even the largest microwave. This cabinet comes with an open shelf at the bottom for placing the microwave, and a closed shelf on top for storing your baking essentials. The entire cabinet is made of high-quality wood that provides strength and durability. The doors of the top cabinet are partially inlaid and have panels made of plywood for protection from warping and cracking. The metal hinges fix the doors firmly to the cabinet and feature the soft closing mechanism for smooth operation. 

Available at heights of 30 and 39 inches, the Cherry shaker wall microwave cabinet comes in two width sizes – 27 and 30 inches. Thus, depending on the layout of your kitchen you can go for cabinets of any height and width. With a warm tone and neat and clean finish, the Cherry Shaker wall microwave cabinet is sure to be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

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