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Cherry Shaker Wall Diagonal Cabinet

Make the best use of your kitchen corner space with the Cherry Shaker Wall Diagonal Cabinet. The cabinet has a single door which is connected to the body using metal hinges. The soft closing mechanism used for constructing the door ensures that there is no unnecessary sound while opening and closing it. The cabinet is available in two different heights – 30” height with two shelves and 39” height with three shelves. Thus, you can select one depending on your kitchen design. The softwood used for constructing the door provides enough strength and durability to the structure. The cabinet is protected from warping and cracking by the plywood used for the door panels.

Now you no longer have to worry about the unutilized space in your kitchen thanks to the Cherry Shaker Wall Diagonal Cabinet. The hexagonal shape of the cabinet ensures that it fits perfectly to the kitchen corner. Make the Cherry Shaker wall diagonal cabinet a part of your kitchen design and create a stunning look.